© Getty Images/iStockphoto/Mehmet Şeşen

Governance of Digitalization in Europe

A contribution to the Exploration Shaping Digital Policy – Towards a Fair Digital Society?

Partner: Bertelsmann Stiftung

This report provides an overview of efforts to govern digitalization processes in Europe. It seeks to understand how such governance mechanisms currently operate and provides suggestions as to how such efforts might work more effectively in future. It focuses on a set of four case studies that illustrate the challenges and flaws of governance efforts intended to shape digitalization processes. The EU examples discussed include the German Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG), the automobile (software) emissions scandal, the global multistakeholder internet governance model, and the EU Commission’s pending platform-regulation proposal.

Keywords: Governance, Digitalization, Europe, Digital Policy, Platform-Regulation

Year: 2020

The full report is available below.